A lesson on the deterrence effect of products liability cases

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Baby powder was long touted as not just safe for kids and adults alike, but beneficial. In recent years, the public has become more aware of the dangers associated with this product. In extreme cases, long-term effects can include ovarian cancer.

We recently wrote about a California case out that resulted in a verdict against Johnson & Johnson in our August blog. What can others learn about the purpose of product liability cases from this baby powder case? A recent piece published by an economist delves into the benefits of product liability cases, using this case to opine on the merits of this area of law.

Public safety: The deterrence effect

It is important to hold manufacturers and other responsible parties accountable for the products that are on the market. If these products cause injury or harm, they are responsible.

Cases where it appears a manufacturer was aware of dangers and continues to sell it anyway without any formulation change or warning to consumers can result in significant penalties. In this case, the award of more than $400 million is likely supported by the fact that documents were uncovered that instructed employees to assure the safety of the product even after the company was aware of potential dangers.

While this verdict made headlines, there are many other cases where people who have suffered harm and never receive any compensation. Some may never consider that something an innocuous as baby powder could be a cause for cancer.

Uncovering dangerous products

Are you worried that a product might have caused or contributed to an illness or disease? If a company sold a dangerous product, you may be entitled to receive compensation to cover medical bills, lost wages but also pain and suffering.

Moving forward with a claim is one way to make sure the marketplace is safe while also providing funds to cover medical bills and rehabilitative costs. It often takes a tenacious advocate to uncover what made the product dangerous – a design defect, failure in manufacturing quality controls or something else; contact an experienced products liability attorney if you have concerns.

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