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Very few things are in your control in the split seconds leading up to a car accident. For instance, you cannot control the weather, the reckless and negligent behaviors of others, the way your car handles or your vehicle’s response to an impact.

Wearing a seat belt, on the other hand, is in your control. You can and should buckle up every time you get behind the wheel. And make sure everyone else is wearing their seat belt, whether they are in the front or the back of the car. Unfortunately, people across New York – who likely know the benefits of seat belt use – still fail to click them and then sustain serious injury because of it.

Seat belt use for children

The statistics are shocking when it comes to child fatalities. On average, about 11 children die in car accidents every week. And the statistics reveal that between 2010 and 2014, nearly 60 percent were unbuckled, improperly buckled or sitting in the front seat.

Parents are in a critical position to protect their kids. Besides modeling proper seat belt use even on short trips to run an errand, it’s critical to properly restrain kids too young to buckle themselves. Take the time to ensure older kids are in the proper seat and wearing their seat belt every time they are in the car as well.

Back seat passengers

Too often, people riding in the backseat feel like they don’t need to worry about wearing seat belts. They may think assume the backseat is safer, so there is no reason to buckle up.

However, car crashes affect every person in the vehicle, no matter where they are sitting. The force of a collision can throw any person in any seat across the car. And the odds of being ejected through a front or rear window increase when not properly restrained. This is especially important to get across to newer teenage drivers.

We can’t control the people around us; however, we can be safe and smart ourselves by buckling up every time we get in the car. Before shifting your vehicle into gear, make sure everyone is properly restrained.

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