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Infants go through many difficult phases during their first years – difficulty sleeping, fevers and eating challenges – many of which can be blamed on teething. And it is not just seeing the red, sore gums or the incessant drooling. Baby’s teeth are constantly moving even under the gums.

This, undoubtedly, puts strain on parents who may try any method available to alleviate their little one’s pain. Unfortunately, some teething products will only make matters worse. In this follow up to our October post on the safety of Hyland’s teething products, we will explain the details of a recent Food and Drug Administration warning.

Quantities of belladonna

The FDA cautions that the products may contain unsafe levels of belladonna, which causes side effects including lethargy, muscle weakness, constipation and even seizures.

This is a particularly upsetting situation, because the recently issued a warning is not the first. More than six years ago, the agency reported on similar issues with Hyland’s products. The company made some changes, but still apparently is having issues with quality control.

It also involves products marketed homeopathic, natural and safe. These terms lead parents to believe that a product is free from harmful chemicals and substances. But no one is checking up on these claims. Often they are just a marketing ploy as companies attempt to capitalize on the trend toward organic (and more expensive) products.

While Hyland’s has discontinued and/or issued a recall of the potentially defective products, the damage may have already been done to families across New York who purchased the products assuming they were safe. If you believe that your baby was injured or got sick as a result of exposure to belladonna in a dangerous teething product, you may want to speak with an experienced products liability attorney.

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