Inadequate Staffing at VA hospitals

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It was recently reported in the New York Times that a VA hospital in Jackson, Miss did not have enough primary care doctors and that there was too much delegation of authority to nurse practitioners. Dr. Phyllis Hollenbeck filed a whistleblower lawsuit which accused the VA of using nurse practitioners without proper certification to write prescriptions for narcotics for patients they have not seen.

An internal investigation is also being conduct with respect to the claim in another whistleblower lawsuit that a radiologist failed to examine numerous radiological images, but nevertheless marked them as “read”. Independent review of 58 cases handled by the radiologist found in 31 cases other practitioners might or would have handled them differently, 8 of which had moderate or high impact to patients. Evidence was submitted showing that between 2005 and 2007, the radiologist misread dozens of images that involved cancers or broken bones.

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