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Aging increases the risks of and from falling as our bones become more brittle and do not heal as effectively. A CDC report with annual numbers from 2014 illustrates the scale: 29 million Americans fell, which resulting in seven million injuries and more than 27,000 deaths.

When the dangerous or defective condition of a NYC sidewalk or premises contributes to a fall injury there are remedies available. However, proactive measure can reduce the risk of falling as well as the severity of an injury.

Classes on falling becoming common in Netherlands

Many Dutch over the age of 65 are going back to school. Students as old as 94 are heading to school gymnasiums across the country to learn techniques on fall prevention along with how to fall safely.

The twice a week courses include one day spent navigating obstacle courses and another day of practice falling onto mats. Some health insurance plans are even paying for part of the class costs.

For many older New Yorkers who live independently there is a significant fear that a fall will take away their independence and land them in assisted living or a nursing home. Falls can easily trigger a decline, but being afraid of falling actually places an individual at a higher risk of falling.

Quantifying the damage caused by an injury

When the negligence of a business or government agency is the cause of fall, what compensation is available? Monetary damages can cover medical bills, out of pocket costs and rehabilitative care. These costs are easier to itemize as bills arrive.

Pain, suffering and other hardships can be harder to quantify. If an injury triggers a decline the leaves a loved one bedridden and ultimately results in his or her death, no amount of money may make a family whole. A personal injury lawsuit may lessen the financial burden of long-term care however.

To have any remedy when an injury occurs on a Manhattan sidewalk, you must follow strict deadlines that include serving the city government within 90 days of the accident. If you or a loved one has suffered a serious injury in a fall on a city sidewalk, in an apartment building, office or retail building, seek immediate experienced legal counsel.

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