Malpractice Claims Against Wyckoff Heights Medical Center

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In July 2012, the NY Times reported on the death of 22 year old Sabrina Seelig. Ms. Seelig presented to Wyckoff Heights Medical Center with poisoning from a diet drug called Ephedra and beer. The hospital gave her drugs to treat her nausea. Later that evening she suffered brain damage, was placed on life support, and died six days later. Ms. Seelig’s estate lost its medical malpractice lawsuit after a four-week trial. Defense experts claimed that Ms. Seelig caused her own death. The NY Times hired its own expert to review her medical chart. The expert found that Ms. Seelig received improper care from Wyckoff which caused her death.

Weisfuse & Weisfuse, LLP is currently representing a patient who was severely injured by a surgeon while performing gall bladder surgery at Wyckoff. The surgeon had a history of disciplinary problems. It is claimed that Wyckoff was negligent in permitting this surgeon to perform surgery.

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