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Victim of a Hand Surgery Error?

The use of your hands is very important not just for everyday tasks but your job. Whether you have a very labor-intensive occupation or you work in a more administrative capacity, if your hand functionality is impaired this can seriously impact your life. From the ability to provide for your family to the quality of life, a hand surgery error has a domino effect when it comes to damages. If you believe your hand surgeon committed an error causing your injury, talk to one of our experienced lawyers in New York City today.

Experienced Medical Malpractice Counsel

Personal injury lawsuits related to hand surgery error and other types of medical negligence are a complicated and often difficult area of the law. Some personal injury law firms omit this from their practice altogether because of its complexities. However, our law firm does not shy away from this as we are committed, skilled and knowledgeable in this area of the law. With over 40 years of experience, we will help you and your family seek full and fair compensation for your hand surgery injury.

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Types of Hand Surgeries

There are many kinds of hand surgeries that can be performed. Some are emergency hand surgeries, such as those due to an accident or injury where severed fingers or the entire hand may have to be repaired. Damaged arteries and tendons must be carefully operated on if the patient suffered a trauma to the hand.

Other types of hand surgeries include those that are repairing an ongoing injury (often due to repetitive motion injuries or age). Carpal tunnel surgery, tendon repair, ganglion removal and joint replacement are common hand surgeries. For any of these hand surgeries, the operating surgeon should have informed you of the various risks associated with your hand surgery. When errors happen, even as big as operating on the wrong hand, your life can dramatically change for the worse.

That is where our team of seasoned medical negligence lawyers will help you. Thoroughly investigating medical records, hospital records and other data that can help prove how and why your surgery error happened. Fault can then be attributed to all potential liable parties.

Recent Success Stories:

Read about recent verdicts and settlements related to hand surgeries:

  • Jury award of $4.5 million: As a result of surgeon negligently cutting the wrong bone during wafer surgery, the client suffered from arthritis of the wrist and required multiple surgeries and is now suffering from chronic pain syndrome.
  • Settlement of $2.3 million: Client suffered chronic pain and unable to work due to surgeon negligently severing median nerve during carpal tunnel surgery.
  • Settlement of $550,000: Client suffered injury to his hand and wrist as a result of the surgeon negligently cutting the median nerve, but did not suffer work related disability.

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