Tip-over danger causes more deaths, Ikea recall continues

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The Consumer Product Safety Commission recently reissued a recall announcement related to Ikea MALM dressers and chests. Several of the models are sold specifically for kids bedrooms in colors such as pink, white, lilac, green and grey-turquoise. 

Approximately 17 million units sold in the United States are affected by the recall. Immediately stop using these dressers and chests unless you are able to properly anchor them to the wall.

Back in our January 2017 post, we wrote about settlements reached by the families of three toddlers who died in tip-over accidents. The problem is not new. This post provides an update.

When curious toddlers climb on furniture to get to toys or other prized objects it can result in dangerous tip-over accidents. But some furniture is more prone to tip because of design issues.

Ikea’s line of MALM dressers have been the subject of 186 tip-over accidents and 91 injuries to children. Other Ikea dressers and chests have also had similar issues. Part of the problem is that they do not comply with U.S. industry safety standards (ASTM F2057-14) that remain voluntary.

The company is offering two choices. It will come and pick up a recalled dresser free on charge and offer a refund. The other option is a free wall-anchoring kit and in-home installation services.

What can happen?

In the most recent case of a toddler death, the parents had put their two-year-old son in their room to take a nap. While he was alone in the bedroom, their dresser tipped over, crushing and killing him.

His parents had not heard about the recall. Ikea had actually issued a recall notice for the dresser months before, but many complained they did little to publicize it, which made the recall ineffective.

In 2016, another toddler died in a similar accident. The parents had been renting an apartment. Because of this, they could not drill holes into the walls to install the Ikea wall mounting kit.

Available remedies when the worst happens

It is important to stay up to date on recalls, but life with small children is busy and often feels crazy. If your child suffers a serious injury in an accident that seemingly should not have happened, your world can come to a screeching halt.

How and why are often some of the initial questions? At Weisfuse & Weisfuse, we will get answers. Our experienced products liability attorneys will fight on your behalf to hold a manufacturer responsible when a design flaw or manufacturing defect was the cause.

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