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Ulnar impaction syndrome is the impaction of the ulnar head of the wrist against the triangular fibrocartilage complex and ulnar carpus causing degeneration of those structures. This can be caused by traumatic pressure on the hand. Child gymnasts may develop this from stress on the wrist.

The treatment for this condition is the wafer procedure, where up to 2-4 mm of the distal ulnar head is removed. This procedure reduces the load on the ulnar carpus, thereby relieving the pain and preventing degeneration.

Failure to do this procedure, or not doing it correctly, can cause severe and permanent degeneration and arthritis of the wrist.

Weisfuse & Weisfuse LLP represents a woman who suffers severe disability as a result of her surgeon’s failure to do a proper wafer procedure and shorten the ulnar head to treat her ulnar impaction syndrome. As a result she suffers chronic pain and restriction in her wrist.

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