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Imagine a walk in the park with your baby or taking your baby out in a jog stroller for the first time on a unusually warm New York day. Now think about something that might not have crossed your mind, the click-and-go receiver that attaches a Britax car seat to the stroller. This part needs to function or it could put your little one in danger.

A recent Britax recall is related to this critical part. The company has received 33 reports where a car seat disconnected from a stroller unexpectedly. Injuries to babies resulted in 26 cases after car seats fell to the ground.

The total number of strollers found to have damaged click-and-go receiver mounts was much higher at 1,337.

What causes the problem?

These the B-Agile and Bob Motion strollers have been from sold from May 2011 until this month at many stores. Toys R Us and Target are two of the biggest that carry the models. Damage apparently can occur to the frame when stowed in a vehicle or dropped with the click-and-go receiver attached.

Next steps to fix the issue

Many parents have probably experienced the feeling of needing an engineering degree to initially unfold/collapse a stroller and secure a car seat. But then it becomes second nature. Removing the click-and-go receiver before stowing a stroller might be an extra step busy parents never realize could cause damage.

The number of these strollers on the sidewalks in the U.S. is an estimated 676,000. The Consumer Product Safety Commission advised consumers to throw away click-and-go receivers. The company will provide remedy kits.

This recall is illustrative of what can go wrong when a product is defective. Manufacturers are required to conduct adequate testing, but sometimes even that may not uncover a flaw. Those that sell products for our most vulnerable little ones must get things right.

If you worry that an accident was caused by a defective product, share these concerns with an experienced products liability attorney. Legal action can hold companies accountable and it may even be what triggers a recall.

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