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Because of asbestos contamination, Claire’s will recall a number of makeup product marketed to children including a bedazzled rainbow heart makeup set, pink glitter palette with eye shadow and lip gloss and metallic hot pink glitter makeup. Are any of these in your ‘tween or even younger daughter’s bedroom?

And this is not the only time that products manufactured in China with talc have been found to contain asbestos. In 2015, Environmental Working Group found asbestos fibers in several brands of crayons and crime scene investigation toys.


Geological proximity

Talc and asbestos often form together in the same parent rock. Depending on mining practice and the properties of a deposit, asbestos fibers may contaminate talc.

Is there a safe level of asbestos exposure? No, the small fibers can lodge in lungs and other organs doing long-term damage.

Discovering the contamination

A mother became concerned about ingredients in the makeup kit her six-year-old daughter was using. She was more aware than most from working for a law firm that handles contaminated cosmetics lawsuits. She sent the makeup kit to a lab for testing. The kit tested positive for Tremolite asbestos.

It was not just the one kit either. She and her boss bought 17 more makeup products from Claire’s locations around the country. They all tested positive for asbestos.

How did these dangerous products slip onto the shelves of such a larger retailer? Did Claire’s test these products? Does it randomly test any of the products it markets and sells to children? There are many unanswered questions about what lead to the contamination in the first place.

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