Verdicts & Settlements

Settlement funds must be received within 21 days after receipt of the closing papers by defense counsel unless another time period is negotiated. The fee for negligence cases is now based on the gross settlement or injury, not net after expenses. Cases take several years to go to trial in NY. Complex causes with multiple parties can take longer, particularly if there is an appeal.


For Spinal Cord Injury Due to Highway Defect Resulting in Incontinence and Gait Impairment


Verdict For Spinal Cord Injury due to Medical Malpractice for Failure to Diagnose


For Below the Knee Amputation Caused by an Automobile Accident


Verdict For Negligent Hand Surgery Causing Complex Regional Pain


For Leg Fracture Caused by a Bus Accident


Settlement For Death of Patient as a Result of Failure to Diagnose Atrial Septic  Defect Causing Pulmonary Dysfunction


For Impaired Ability to Breath Due to Failure to Diagnose a Hole in the Patient’s Heart


For Multiple Fractures Caused by and Automobile Accident


For Negligent Hip Replacement Surgery


For Vocal Cord Paralysis Caused by Medical Malpractice


For Improper Medication Monitoring Resulting in Brain Injury


For Fall at Construction Site Resulting in Injury to Back and Neck


For Failure to Diagnose Vaginal Cancer


For Aggravation of Prior Brain Injury, Hernia, Cornea Scaring due to Medical Malpractice


For Medical Malpractice Resulting in Severed Median Nerve


For Injury to Mother During Childbirth


For Failure to Detect Colon Cancer Resulting, in Worsened Prognosis


For Death of Baby Due to Failure to Deliver in a Timely Manner


For Injuries Sustained in a Motor Vehicle Accident


For Failure to Diagnose and Treat a Blood Clot, Resulting in Death


For Severed Bile Duct during Gall Bladder Surgery


For Swimming Accident Resulting in Fractured Leg Due to Lack of Supervision

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