Premises Liability

Get The Compensation You Deserve For Your Premises Liability Claim

Property owners are responsible for keeping their properties clear of hazards that could harm people. This includes common areas and sidewalks. All too often, property owners and landlords in New York City fail to take reasonable measures to ensure the safety of people on their property. These failures often result in real harm.

At Weisfuse & Weisfuse, LLP, we take premises liability matters seriously. With more than 40 years of experience handling injury claims, we know that poorly maintained properties can result in permanent and sometimes fatal injuries. There is no excuse for failing to properly maintain a property. We represent clients who have been injured in all types of property accidents, including:

  • Slip-and-falls due to liquids, ice or other slippery surfaces on floors and sidewalks
  • Trip-and-fall accidents due to obstructed walkways
  • Electrical accidents due to exposed wiring
  • Head and spine injuries due to falling objects
  • Injuries on roads due to defective surfaces or inadequately maintained sewers

Often, people are injured due to hazardous conditions on private property. We have represented clients injured in grocery stores, restaurants, apartment buildings, retail stores and other places across Manhattan.

Injuries On Government And Municipal Property

Private citizens are not the only people who can be held liable for dangerous property conditions. Governments and municipalities may also be held liable for failing to maintain property. Hazards may include defective roads and sidewalks.

Personal injury claims against cities and governments require considerable attention to detail because there are tight deadlines that must be met. The lawyers at our firm have handled many of these cases. We know what to do, when it needs to be done and how to assemble your case to maximize your compensation.

Injuries In Schools And Day Care Centers

Nothing is worse than having your child injured due to the carelessness of a person you trusted to care for him/her. Increasingly, we have families come to us when their children have been injured either at school or day care. We can help you obtain justice on behalf of your child. We will help you make sure that those responsible are held accountable.

Find Out If You Have A Claim

Are you wondering whether you have a premises liability claim? If you have been injured on someone else’s property, call Weisfuse & Weisfuse, LLP, at 212-983-3000 to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our attorneys. We can advise you on whether you have a valid claim and what we can do to help you recover the compensation you need to get back on your feet.

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