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Manhattan Personal Injury Lawyers

Expertise, careful preparation, experience, and personal attention to each client and each case get big results. We have received many multi-million dollar settlements and verdicts. The large majority of our cases have come to us from other attorneys and former clients who know and have confidence in our work.

Our attorneys have taken on big insurance companies, corporations and governments and we have won!

Paying Personal Attention to Client Needs

Weisfuse & Weisfuse, LLP recognizes that the needs of catastrophically injured people are many and complex. We assist with no-fault insurance and medical claims. We also consult with worker’s compensation and disability attorneys, and we help our clients to connect with various organizations which can provide needed assistance so that the client can focus on recovering from the injuries.

Communication with our clients is a priority. All phone calls and e-mails are answered promptly. We do not seek a large volume of cases so that we can devote the time necessary to careful preparation and attention to detail on each of our cases. The benefit of a small firm such as ours is the personal attention the client gets from the senior partner.

Our litigation partner, Martin H. Weisfuse, has more than 40 years of experience in trying personal injury cases. This experience, coupled with meticulous preparation and solid trial technique has resulted in the best possible outcome for our clients. He is personally involved in each case from beginning to end.

For more information about our legal services, see our Practice Areas Overview and read our Frequently Asked Questions.

Quick Action; Thorough Investigation – Manhattan Personal Injury Lawyers

Legal cases are won or lost long before the trial starts and quick action and thorough investigation are critical. Evidence must be uncovered and preserved or it gets stale, and the memories of witnesses fade. Statements and depositions of witnesses must be obtained quickly while memories are fresh.

Our legal team has lengthy experience in digging deep for clients in a wide variety of practice areas. To learn what we can do for you, contact us in Manhattan at 212-983-3000.

We Take On Challenges

At Weisfuse & Weisfuse, LLP, we consider ourselves problem solvers.

We have taken on complex and difficult cases, which other lawyers have rejected, and have been successful. In one such case, our client was awarded a $10 million verdict.

We recently took a case where our client was seriously injured in an accident with a truck. He suffered amnesia, and the only person who was in the position to testify as to how the accident happened was the truck driver. The truck driver claimed the car in which our client was a passenger crossed over the line separating opposing traffic and hit his truck.

By the time we came into the case, the physical evidence was destroyed and no photographs were available. The truck driver’s attorney asked the court to dismiss the case, arguing that there was no evidence the truck driver was negligent. The truck driver testified before trial that he was moving only five miles per hour, and the distance he traveled and the car traveled.

Based on that testimony, with the help of an accident reconstruction expert, we were able to convince the court that there was sufficient evidence to show the truck driver could have stopped in time to avoid the accident, and the case should not be dismissed. We then received a favorable settlement.


We represent clients on a contingent fee basis. This means we do not get paid unless we are successful. Our fee is a percentage of the recovery. We advance litigation expenses, which are reimbursed to us at the conclusion of the case.

We offer free consultations, and if the client is unable to see us at our offices, we will meet with the client in the hospital or at home.

Contact Weisfuse & Weisfuse, LLP today at 212-983-3000 for a free consultation.

Translation services are available according to your needs.

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