Defective Products

Holding Manufacturers Accountable For Defective Products

A product is defective if the design is dangerous, it was defectively made or consumers were not adequately informed of the potential risks of using the product. Serious injuries can occur almost without warning from a faulty tire, defective cookware, a flawed infant product or any other product defect.

Taking On Product Liability Claims In New York City And Elsewhere

At Weisfuse & Weisfuse, LLP, our Manhattan defective product attorneys have more than 40 years of experience handling product defect claims. We know how to prove fault against retailers, manufacturers and distributors, even when liability is initially unclear. Contact our product liability attorneys today online or call 212-983-3000 for a free initial consultation. We will evaluate every possible angle to help you secure a full financial recovery.

Design Defect? Manufacturing Defect? Transforming Suspicion Into Proof.

Product defect cases are very technical and require extensive research and perseverance to prove. Nevertheless, they can be won. Those who file defective product lawsuits have an opportunity to pursue damages for their injuries.

At Weisfuse & Weisfuse, LLP, our Manhattan defective product attorneys consult product engineers and other industry-leading experts to conduct thorough investigations focused on:

  • Carefully analyzing the product
  • Reconstructing the accident
  • Proving the product was dangerous
  • Proving the product could have been made safely

If you have a meritorious defective product case, we will vigorously pursue your claim for maximum recovery for current and future medical expenses and other costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Spotlighting Product Liability Case Examples In NYC

  • Wrongful death: We successfully represented the estate of a young child who was killed when a dresser fell on him. We proved that the dresser design was dangerous since it toppled over when the top two drawers full of clothes were pulled out at the same time.
  • Severe burns: We represented a young girl who was severely burned when her young friend used paint thinner to start a fire. The fire entered the paint thinner container and shot out from it. We presented evidence showing that paint thinners are frequently used to start fires, the container did not have a flame retarder to prevent the fire from shooting out of the container, and the warnings on the label were inadequate.
  • Cutting/crushing injuries: We successfully represented a worker who was injured while using a defective meat grinder.
  • Explosions: We represented a person who was injured as a result of an exploding tire rim.

Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder Claims

If you have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer and you believe it may have been caused by the use of Johnson’s baby powder, we are prepared to assist you with your claim.

Contact Our New York City Product Liability Attorneys For A Free Consultation

Whatever your injury, our product liability attorneys may be able to assist you in pursuing monetary damages against a negligent product manufacturer. But you can’t find out unless you call. Contact our New York City defective product lawyers online or call 212-983-3000. Our consultations are free — our advice is invaluable.

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